Wheelchair Lifts

Completely made in Italy, easy to use and adaptable to any vehicle.

Wheelchair lifts make it easier for people with reduced mobility to get in and out of any vehicle. Thanks to the wide range of models, it is possible to use Mariani Lift System wheelchair lifts on vehicles of various sizes: buses, minivans, school buses and cars for both public and private use. The design of our products allows you to equip the vehicles in a simple way, without big changes to the interior. The use is intuitive and safe. The production is completely made in Italy to guarantee the high quality of both the workmanship and the materials used.


Safety and comfort to regain your own mobility.

We have created a wide range of wheelchair lifts models so that we can always offer the best solution to any special vehicle fitting requirement. Check out our range and contact us for customised models!


Every wheelchair lift is equipped with unique safety features.

We are proud to differentiate ourselves by the high level of safety of our devices. The entire range of wheelchair lifts is equipped with:

  • Manual pump for emergency operation.
  • Battery master switch.
  • Automatic safety flap to stop the wheelchair.
  • Automatic bridge plate for vehicle connection.
  • Anti-tilt device.
  • Double microswitch.

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