Single arm inboard wheelchair lifts

Secure, practical and easy to use, inboard single-arm wheelchair lifts are the preferred choice of those who need to fit small vehicles to transport disabled people. In fact, they can be easily installed on minivans or family cars with a large luggage compartment. The electro-hydraulic single arm lifts manufactured by Mariani Lift are fully automatic and can be used on a wide range of vehicles, without making substantial modifications to the passenger compartment. The opening and descent, ascent and closure operations are automatic and can be controlled from a spiral cable control panel. Once these operations are complete, the platform automatically folds horizontally.

New single arm lift model A255

Our latest model of in-vehicle single-arm lift offers an even more satisfying user experience, thanks to the complete automation of the device. The A255 wheelchair lift is automatic in its up and down operations, and swivels in and out of the vehicle once closed, to facilitate loading/unloading of luggage and access to the vehicle.


24 months


in accordance with CE regulations.

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