A history of innovation in the production of transport aids for disabled people.

Established in 2013, Mariani Lift System is one of the reference companies in the production of solutions for the removal of architectural barriers. Nowadays, our range of products includes: loading platforms for wheelchairs, cassette lifts for wheelchairs, electric and mechanical steps, car ramps, accessories for converting vehicles for the disabled and lifts for commercial use.

Technological innovation has always been an integral part of Mariani Lift System.

From the first models of wheelchair lifts designed by the founder, Mr. Daniele Mariani, to the creation of increasingly lighter and more functional lifting aids for the disabled persons, our company has made a significant contribution to the evolution of the sector.


Mobility is a right for everybody.

We believe that technological innovation at the service of the community can improve people’s lives. That’s why we work hard to make our products safer, more efficient and easier to use. The removal of architectural barriers is a goal that drives us to do our best in every aspect of our work. From production to customer service, our team shares common values to make a difference:


As regards: manufacturing safe and guaranteed aids, offering the right price, respecting the commercial agreement with our customers.


Finding tailor-made solutions, meeting customers’ needs, respecting delivery times.


In offering professional after-sales service and maintenance, in offering the most suitable products for each specific case, in implementing every detail with care.


In always seeking the highest quality materials, in investing in research and innovation, in doing business by putting people at the centre.


Daniele Mariani, a great lover of mechanics, created an innovative project for a specific lift for the transport of disabled people.


Daniele Mariani’s projects come to life and so the first line of wheelchair lifts materializes. His goal is to design increasingly simple and functional aids as regards both the assembly phase and the use.


Mariani Lift System s.r.l. is born. In a short time the company patents several models and obtains the highest international certifications of guaranteed quality.


100% made in Italy production and CE mark.

Our commitment is to create increasingly innovative and manageable products. This commitment has been rewarded by certifications that ensure their reliability and quality. Mariani Lift System is an ISO 9001 certified company (Quality System EN ISO 9001 :2015) and has several patents that protect the originality of our lifting systems. All our aids for the transport of disabled people comply with the regulations in force in the European Community and with the norms concerning the electromagnetic compatibility.
We have chosen to offer our customers 100% made in Italy products to maintain high quality standards.

UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2008

UNI CEI EN ISO 13485 : 2012

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